One of our Founders, Matt, has been making wood items in his garage woodshop for a couple years. The domain name worked and we needed something to list, so we put his handmade items on the store. 

Our first items were a Colorado Flag, a Texas flag, a Propagation block, and a game called Kubb. From there, we have grown as Matt explores new items to make and we get requests from customers.

The wood items we sell are made from many different types of wood, but some of the coolest wood we use is beetlekill pine. It's sad that the trees had to die how they died, but their beauty lives on with the blue stain that happens to the wood and in the items we make.

SprySpruce was started as an experiment. Originally, we wanted to see how Shopify worked, see if we could set up a site, and see if we could build a brand. Turns out, we can. 

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