Colorado flag rustic wall art

Product description

The Colorado Flag Rustic Wall Art is what you need! Made with the finest quality Beetle Kill Pine, this piece of wall art is sure to add a nice look to your room!

Not only is the sanding of the blue-stained Beetle Kill Pine fully hand-done, but also the assembly of the piece is entirely handmade by none other than the owner of this website! 

Based on the flag of the western American state of Colorado, the art piece's design has a pleasing look to it. One feature, in particular, is the popping of the wood grain because of the masterful staining technique used for making it.

Another detail that’s a consequence of the staining technique is that no two rustic flag wall art pieces can look the same. This means that the art on your wall will have unique flaws and grain lines not shared by any other piece in the world!

There are two possible finishes for the art pieces. Matte gives a duller and more subtle look, while the glossy finish provides a more shiny and vibrant look. The picture attached has a matte finish. 

The default size of the Colorado Flag Rustic Wall Art is 24”x14”. However! If you would like a larger-sized piece for your room, just drop us a message!

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