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Biltong Boxes


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Biltong is an air dried, cured, jerky like meat that is made by first curing meat and then hanging in a controlled temperature and moisture environment until dry. These boxes provide a dry environment for curing meat as Biltong.


  • Light bulb socket  - when you install a light bulb, it will help provide a tiny amount of heat which helps create the right environment for drying your Biltong
  • Fans to control the airflow, helping the meat dry and removing moisture from the box
  • Vent holes designed to keep dust out, but allow moisture to leave
  • A hanging bar, with meat hooks - to hang the meat separated for ideal drying
  • Small shelf to keep seasoning and drippings from landing on the lightbulb

For ideal usage, line the shelf and the bottom of the box with foil to catch any drippings and loose seasoning. This will help your Biltong box last as long as possible and to prevent any off flavors (or smells) from occuring.

Boxes are disassembled for cheaper shipping, saving you money. Fans, lightbulb socket, and other parts will be included.


SprySpruce is not responsible for any damage resulting in improper use of the Biltong box.

  • Improperly following assembly instructions may result in fire.
  • Using a high wattage light bulb is not recommended and may result in fire. 
  • Removing the protective covering from around the lightbulb can result in drippings, seasoning, or the shelf catching fire. Do not operate the box without the protective cover. Light bulb cover is not shown in the images on this site. The cover will be provided.
  • Please follow recipes and use safe food handling and curing practices. (No recipes are provided by SprySpruce or endorsed by SprySpruce)