Texas Flag Rustic Wall Art
Texas Flag Rustic Wall Art $100.00
Donations We are now donating $40 from every Texas flag sold Feeding Texas, in order to help after the recent winter storm. People are out of food, water, electricity, their pipes are burst, and this is the smallest thing we can do to help. Updates about Donations to FeedingTexas.org: Feb 23: $220 raised Mar 03: $313 donated!! Description This handmade Texas flag is 24" x 14", made of Blue stain beetle kill pine in our Founder Matt's garage in Denver Colorado. Each sign will be slightly different. Options Star or Heart? You have an option of a star in the blue field or we can switch it up with a heart!  Finish: the pictures show a Matte finish, but we can also finish this with a gloss finish to give it some shine. Free Shipping to the US The price includes shipping. We are only shipping these the US right now.  Want changes or options? Maybe you want it bigger? Different colors? Let us know!  Note: These are hand made to order. We get them done in 1-2 weeks and will send you an update as we start. Links and other information If you want to help us share this with the world, please RT this twitter postOther Makers Helping Texas @SashaMishellA is making Hamentashen (yum!) Articles About How else to Help Texas NyMag: Where to Donate to Help Texas Winter Storm Crisis CNN: Where to help Texas List of ways to help via @mary_retta Organizations Making a Difference Feeding Texas Austin Echo Bridge HRC Central Texas Food Bank  San Antonio Food Bank ActBlue    
Kubb from $69.99
Kubb is one of the fastest growing yard games that is also socially distanced! Knock down kubbs with your family and friends, to see who is the best shot.  Look & Feel This set is available in Natural or Black. Both are hand made, cut, and sealed by us. We hand package and ship these within 1-2 weeks. Rush options are available as well! Shipping is always free for Kubb.  Natural See the beautiful natural grains of the wood pieces. These pieces are smooth to the touch. They are sealed to help protect from moisture. Every piece and set will look different. Black Feel and see the grains in these beautiful one-of-a-kind dark chocolate Kubb sets. Each pieces will stand out on in the grass or sand. Since these pieces have gone through special treatment, each is a work of art. The grains will pop out, the colors will slightly vary and the sizes may be every so slightly different from piece to piece as a result. No matter what, they will be beautiful and make your friends and family say "wow"    Made To Order We make these Kubb sets to order, every time! We will always do our best to beat expectations.  Normal Speed This means that it may take 1-2 weeks to make, seal, and ship them out. If y Rush Speed You are at the front of the line! We will start right away and get it to our shipper within 3 business days. Kubb Rules and History To learn more about the rules and history of Kubb, check out the Kubb Wikipedia Article
Handmade Cedar Propagation blocks for plant cuttings
Handmade Cedar Propagation blocks for plant cuttings from $7.99 $9.99
Feel that your house plants are too overgrown? Find yourself interested in propagating plant cuttings? Our Cedar Propagation Block is just the product for you! Totally handmade from rough cedar using delicate processes like sanding, shaping, and sealing; our propagation blocks will help you root plant cuttings in water and provide an aesthetic look to your home with the minimalist design.All you need to do is take plant cuttings from your house plants that have grown too large and place them in the glass tubes that every block comes with. To use: Fill the tubes 3/4 full with water Take a cutting from your plant Dip the cut end of the plant cutting in rooting hormone Place the cut end into the water Give your new plant a home in a windowsill ...give it some time - some plants can take weeks to grow roots Once your plants have roots, you can keep them in the tubes until they get too big or transplant the new plant to dirt   Turnaround time may take anywhere from 2 to 7 days exclusive of the shipping time as Cedar Propagation Blocks are made-to-order
Colorado flag rustic wall art
Colorado flag rustic wall art $100.00
The Colorado Flag Rustic Wall Art is what you need! Made with the finest quality Beetle Kill Pine, this piece of wall art is sure to add a nice look to your room! Not only is the sanding of the blue-stained Beetle Kill Pine fully hand-done, but also the assembly of the piece is entirely handmade by none other than the owner of this website!  Based on the flag of the western American state of Colorado, the art piece's design has a pleasing look to it. One feature, in particular, is the popping of the wood grain because of the masterful staining technique used for making it. Another detail that’s a consequence of the staining technique is that no two rustic flag wall art pieces can look the same. This means that the art on your wall will have unique flaws and grain lines not shared by any other piece in the world! There are two possible finishes for the art pieces. Matte gives a duller and more subtle look, while the glossy finish provides a more shiny and vibrant look. The picture attached has a matte finish.  The default size of the Colorado Flag Rustic Wall Art is 24”x14”. However! If you would like a larger-sized piece for your room, just drop us a message!
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